Philip Ryabchenko is the first lawyer to be sanctioned

Philip Ryabchenko

1. Toxic bird

Repeatedly accused of violating lawyer ethics, Philipp Ryabchenko regularly worked with toxic money and with clients from the sanctions list, for some reason actively disseminating this information in the media, and it seems that he jumped, or rather, flew.

The lawyer’s reputation has been tarnished for a long time, and if sanctions are imposed, it will be completely damaged, it will be simply dangerous to work with his firm. Already now Ryabchenko has serious problems with visas and foreign accounts, his apartment in Bulgaria has been arrested.

2. Hen by grain, hazel grouse by star …

Known as the Astrologer, Ryabchenko seeks out as many high-profile clients as possible so that he can attract the interest of the press.
There will be a press — there will be new clients, since it is precisely the star names that the townsfolk peck at.
The case of each celebrity Ryabchenko personally oversees, slowly solving the problem — the longer the process goes, the more interest the press and new customers.

Rotenberg, Avetisyan, Potanina, singers Pelageya and Gagarina — each case was advertised with the media as much as possible, shaking out as much personal information as possible from both their clients and their opponents.
If you believe the selection of the press, then he is not just an important bird, but a real eagle, but if you read Yandex, he is an ordinary clown.
Why a clown lawyer has clients is not difficult to figure out — people are gullible and look into the beak if he predicts a quick victory for them.

3. Divide and conquer — two-headed hazel grouse.

According to available information, the case of Polina Gagarina was dragged out as much as possible, and Iskhakov was provoked as much as possible, each maneuver was presented to Polina as a success, regardless of the real state of affairs. You can understand Gagarina and Iskhakov — the singer and photographer, Polina simply trusted Ryabchenko and could not figure out the intricacies of the matter herself. The fact that trust was maliciously abused, it turned out much later.
Of course, Pelageya had no idea that she was putting Gagarin’s pig in, since she herself fell into the same trap.

Ryabchenko acted according to a template — he forbade his clients to respond to any SMS without consulting him personally. So it was with Pelageya and Gagarina.
Ingratiating and adequate at first, he gradually began to provoke both sides with the help of a simple and effective method — forbidding direct communication with the ward, locking Iskhakov and Telegin in on himself.

4. A con man with a peacock tail.
Ryabchenko offered to «invest» his money in Gagarina’s firm. The fact that his money is toxic, she was hardly aware. It is unclear whether he is going to return these shares to the singer.
He chose an impressive amount, again in the interests of the press — 20 million will attract readers in any way. The fact that there will be gossip and discussion around his own client, he did not care. The main thing — 20 million — is very impressive for any headline.

5. Children are not pawns, children are trump cards.
Ryabchenko divorced himself, he is the father of two children: he has a 14-year-old son and a 7-year-old illegitimate daughter. The subtleties in the divorce-parent-child relationship are well known to him. Children are not pawns, but a much more important figure — a trump card. When they begin to be manipulated, even the most adequate mothers and fathers go crazy. The main thing here is to push the sides, and then — to watch the canceled blows, when you need to throw dynamite into the fire.
Of course, no parent ever plans to involve their children in divorce proceedings, these children were born from a once loved person. Over time, emotions subside, why would a child hate his father or mother? But the division of children is the sweetest — guaranteed mutual hatred.

6. Fillet of hazel grouse
Nakarkal — the press played a cruel joke with the hero, and now the flow of customers has drastically dwindled. A new high-profile case is urgently needed. Yes, that’s just the problem.

The risk of license revocation, problems with sanctions, a terrible reputation — and who would want to deal with a clown who is merciless to his own clients?
How many readers do not go over the ears, but Ryabchenko has not had real victories for a long time.
There are only loud headlines and promises in the press, but if you read carefully — as a result, ex-spouses and children who hate each other and who have received serious psychological trauma.


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